Friday, April 16, 2010

A Small Monkey Story

As we were approaching the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud, which houses several Hindu temples and a few thousand monkeys, Ali dashed off to take some pictures of a particularly cute mama monkey and her baby cuddling on the side of the road.

Jeremy, meanwhile, had been instructed to remove all food items from his bag before entering the forest, and was busily munching away on the first of several leftover chocolate chip cookies. Even outside the sanctuary, though, the monkeys wasted no time in locating the source of the scent.

With one cookie to go Jeremy suddenly found himself surrounded by about 10 menacing-looking monkeys, who seemed prepared to take his cookie by force. An attack was imminent, and he morosely threw his cookie into the crowd before fleeing the scene.

This was an ominous start to the day. While Jeremy enjoyed watching the little critters in their various forms of play, ripping apart whole coconuts, biting each other's tails, tending to each others wounds, and otherwise vying for dominance, he kept a measured distance.

Ali, however, found amusement in befriending small monkeys who came to sit on her lap. They would clasp her hand, grab at her dress, and then bound off to rough house with their friends. When a slightly larger monkey jumped on her lap (see below picture), Ali was a little hesitant, but did not protest. It monkeyed around for a little while and then quite unexpectedly reared on its hind legs, bared its teeth, and grabbed ferociously at the tie to Ali's dress. Luckily Ali was quicker than the monkey and had only recently taken a martial arts class, so she was left unscathed.


Lucia said...

Thanks for the update guys. Glad to hear your travels include some er...monkey business!

Mr Lonely said...

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Elise said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. One, I can imagine Sissy battling a monkey. Two, I can imagine Jeremy battling 10 monkeys for a chocolate chip cookie.