Wednesday, April 28, 2010

At Last, A Beach Vacation

During the last two weeks we have been lucky enough to relax thoroughly in some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable. A quick update.

Our longest and most otherworldly stop was the small island of Gili ("small island") Meno, where we spent a week. For most of the 4 hour boat trip from Bali we suffered from some very severe sea sickness, due to stormy weather, but we both rebounded quickly once we reached land and had perfect weather for the rest of our stay. It takes about an hour to walk all the way around Meno, which has a population of about 300 and is surrounded by gorgeous beaches and coral reef. Jeremy learned to snorkel, despite suffering a bumped shin, and we spent much of our days exploring the varied fish life and stunning coral practically within arms length our of beach bungalow. In the evenings we ate fresh grilled fish and watched Mount Rinjani (Lombok's active volcano across the shore) erupt.

After this indulgent and peaceful week we visited yet another beach,, near Kuta, Lombok, with crystal-blue bays, white-sand and apparently almost no one to enjoy it.

Compared to these near-utopias, Lovina beach, a black sand beach we'd visited in Bali, was a bit shabby. However, the dawn dolphin-watching trip we went on was not. Our boat and about twenty others chased hundreds of dolphins for several hours and watched in delight as they appeared in between the waves.

Our first stop after leaving the monkeys of Ubud was Munduk, a tiny mountain village. Heavy rains, cool temperatures, and fog confined us to the comfy balcony attached to our room where we could read and watch the valley below. Ali never wanted to leave.


Elise said...

Christ Almighty, check out that six pack. You're makin' Ahnold jealous, Sister.

Bonnie said...

Noticed that, too; what amazing shape you are in!

Radka said...

Beautiful blog and photos. Have a nice day Radka.