Friday, February 5, 2010

That Nowhere Kind of Feeling

Jeremy received his second letter of acceptance-to the UC Davis History program-on our first night in Vientiane, the capital of Laos. This announcement combined with the astronomical heat here from about 9am to 6pm, and the lack of anything much to do except eat noodle soup, drink weird juices from plastic bags, attend movie night at the Martini Lounge (we saw Inglorious Basterds a few days ago), and read our books at French cafes or, sometimes, at the Scandinavian bakery, has dropped us into some sort of strange vortex.

Despite our best efforts we have both been pondering the future a lot, which is slightly agonizing considering we still haven't heard back from the eight other grad schools. Even so, all of the often conflicting factors that will influence the decision about which school to choose weigh heavy on us; the most prestigious program, the best academic match, our preferred geographic location, how much funding is available in relation to the cost of living, a location where there are second-year Smith placements, and on and on. It makes our heads spin! We aren't actually talking about it much yet, but it contributes to a feeling of being a little displaced, in a nowhere, in-between time, thinking about the future. Plus, all the cafes and lazy days make us miss our friends and family.

We fly to Hanoi, Vietnam on Sunday and that will surely be sufficiently overwhelming to get our minds off things. We have also met a nice couple from Austin, Texas with whom we plan to go bowling tonight and Jeremy got his first “professional” shave and haircut in over five years this afternoon. Moreover, in our spare time, we submitted complaints to both Eddie Bauer and Isis (Clothing for women) about some clothes we purchased for our trip and have so far secured a full refund at EB and 20% off on any future Isis purchase. Also, shout out to E.K.M.!


Cindy Pincus said...

Congratulations Jeremy on your double acceptances! I know there is probably a lot of pondering happening about where to go and what other letters may come and I'm just happy that you get to do the pondering in such an amazing part of our world. Who else gets to pick grad schools while sipping bag juice and doing death jumps! Which I'm glad you decided to go do by the way. I am both totally attracted by the appeal of a place like Vang Vieng and totally repulsed. But those are the most interesting and challenging parts of life; the ones that both attract and repulse, like a good porn shop.

Miss you both!

elise said...

Yeeea boy (girl)!

Mish you.