Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Queen of Fruit

Tamarinds- Brown and fibrous, these fruits taste much better than they look. We only recently finished the large sack we purchased for a dollar a few weeks back.

Dragon Fruit-One of Ali's favorites, the dragon fruit is much more exciting on the outside than on the inside, where it is white and full of little things that look like poppy seeds. Really, it's like a big kiwi, with a different color scheme. We sometimes eat them in the morning.
Mangosteen-Don't quite know what to make of these little guys. They aren't like mangoes at all, but they seem to fill the void when mangoes aren't in season and are supposedly very popular. They taste pretty good, but we've only bought them once.

Coconut- We've probably gone through about 100 coconuts since the start of our trip. In India , it costs about 25 cents for one of them. The vendor will hack off the top with a huge and sharp knife and stick a straw in it so that you can drink the coconut water. Once you have finished slurping, he will chop it in half and scoop out the coconut meat for you. In Thailand, female vendors either carve the coconuts so that they look pretty and then give you a straw, or pre-hack the tops off and pour the tasty water into small plastic bags which you can buy for 50 cents.

Durian-The so-called "queen of fruits" in Thailand, this massive, mushy fruit is prickly on the outside like an oversized pineapple (it can weigh up to 7 pounds). But don't be fooled! It is positively nasty and smells strongly of rotting egg. Avoid at all costs.
Myanmar Pancake-At Ali's insistence we feasted on this delicious and nutritous treat every morning for breakfast while in Burma. The Burmese make their pancakes out of rice and mung bean flour and when ready, they are all sticky and fluffy and savory. They are sprinkled with ground peanuts, roasted mung beans, ground green peas, bean sprouts, and coconut and served with a side of sticky rice and tiny, tiny spring rolls.
Pad Thai-It's even spicier and fishier and better in Thailand.

"American tower"- This sundae was on the menu at a frozen yogurt shop in Bangkok. We found it funny and we hope you will too.
Ali, hungry and at a delicious buffet-Fancy hotel in Chennai on Christmas day, courtesy of Ali's mom and step-dad.


Julia said...

Ali, i dont think you guys meant it as such, but that blog was the best birthday present you could have given me! i love fruits! and pictures of your adorable face!
thank you.

Cindy Pincus said...

Oh my goodness. It may be just because it's friday afternoon and maybe because i would rather be travelling with you two, but a myanmar pancake and some pad thai sounds like just what i want to eat. it's true: food is the most interesting part of any journey. so integral to survival and so delicious.

Jono said...

Just thought we would warn you that a friendly Thai told us, as we were munching through a packet of sugared tamarind, that they are also effective laxatives. So watch out. Though perhaps you already found that out.
Thanks for the posts. Keep exploring.
Jono and Maria