Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Light of Myanmar

Despite the censorship, there are a few half-decent independent newspapers operating in Burma. The Australian-run Myanmar times even publishes in English and boasts a host of ex-pat writers and globe-trotting Burmese reporters. That said, real news pertaining to political events in Burma is conspicuously absent from all

The New Light of Myanmar, the government-run paper, offers an Orwellian lesson in propaganda. For those of you who complain about Fox News (or, depending on who's reading, The New York Times), here's a little poem that occurs regularly on page 2. It's called "The People's Desire:"

Oppose those relying on external elements, acting as stooges, holding
negative views.
Oppose those trying to jeopardize the stability of the state and
progress of the nation.
Oppose foreign nations interfering in internal affairs of the state.
Crush all internal and external destructive elements as the common enemy.

For the readers who might get bored reading about the government's
numerous accomplishments, which heads of state sent "felicitations" to
Senior General Than Shwe, or how much it snowed in China, The New
Light of Myanmar also provides cartoons. This one ran while we were in
town. It's called, "Only with Peace and Stability." It features 4
students having a chat over tea.

Student A: "Now we have passed the 62nd anniversary of Independence."
Student B: "I, for one, favour stability and peace, which are
essential for maintaining the Independence."
Student C: "Then only, will we be able to achieve the goal of
peaceful, discipline flourishing democratic nation and safeguard the
Independence, won't we father?
Invisible father: "Of course."
Student 5: "For me, I'm opposed to riots."Sorry the cartoon is a little dark, we took a picture of it from a display case showing the most recent issue outside the New Light of Myanmar office at nighttime.


Jonathan said...

i'm sure that cartoon is a big hit with the kids!

Cindy Pincus said...

i just have to believe in my heart that people all over the world ar full of indomitable spirit and we eventually all overcome propagando like this. in the meantime, its a shame that governments don't have a better sense of humor and at least cant write better cartoons.