Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cold at Last

We are sitting in a small wooden hut with two computers. There is a definite draft; actually it's about 40 degrees and there is no central heating in India. We are damp and our bones are cold. Yesterday, Ali bought a hat. But we are not sad. Oh no, the cold and constant rain is quite rejuvenating. Especially after two weeks in the extreme heat and humidity of Cochin which we fled Monday on the night bus. At about 6 am the next morning we arrived in the small and strangely delightful hill station of Kodai.

In addition to escaping the heat and humidity we were trying to flee from the viral fever which had Ali bed-ridden and in lots of pain for five days. Despite Jeremy's pleas that we stay put until she recovered Ali insisted we depart. "I must get to the mountains!" she said. And sure enough the fever subsided upon arrival.

Kodai may have charms besides its miraculous healing properties but it has generally been raining too hard for us find out about them. We did take a quick jaunt around the lake in a mistless moment and have been relishing the good cheer of the people here who seem to appreciate Jeremy's jokes. We also checked into a nicer hotel, Hilltop Towers, and have been making the most of the HBO-providing TV and huge glass windows. This morning Jeremy even ordered a large container of "Day Coffee Day" via room service.

The pictures in the post are actually from Munnar, a different hill station/tea plantation we visited on a day trip from Cochin.

In other news, we are extremely agitated about the potential division of Andhra Pradesh.

More importantly, Ali got into Smith School of Social Work and will be starting there next June!

Lastly, click here to see pictures from Kerala.


micaela said...

oh my goodness thank you so much for the bday postcard! you are SO thoughtful ALWAYS! much much love to both of you, i'm having a blast reading along with your adventures :)

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