Sunday, November 15, 2009


At long last we have found wi-fi! Here are our latest photo albums:

Click here to see pictures from Varanasi

Click here to see pictures from Agra
- beware we got a little carried away with pictures of the Taj Mahal

Click here to see pictures from Udaipur- cooking class, horse ride, temples, forts, and more monkeys

We are really enjoying being in Delhi, its a beautiful, big, and exciting city that has some of everything and we are being taken care of by our friend from Wesleyan, Gitsy, who lives here. We have eaten some excellent kebabs and seen Bollywood movies two nights in a row...

More later.

Ali and Jeremy

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Jonathan said...

How did she balance all those pots on her head? What's going on with her? Also, that monkey's tail is way longer than I expected. No wonder he got your bananas.