Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hong Kong

Day Three in Hong Kong is coming to an end and so far we have spent a lot of the time recovering from jet lag in the public parks. The parks here are pretty incredible- they all have museums, Tai Chi courts, aviaries, and Chinese foot massage patches. Unfortunately they do not have any grass to lay in :(. I tried laying on a bench but got instructed by a very stern security guard to sit properly.
We have been doing a lot more relaxing in nice places than we normally would because of my knees. Even though at times its frustrating, its also relieves the pressure of having to see everything and has given us a real feel for park culture here - a lot of old men doing Tai Chi.

Its a good week to be in Hong Kong. Yesterday we went to a lantern carnival to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China, an impressively corporate affair that also included a free cantonese opera. Plus, when we showed my knee braces and grimaced the guard let us into the special V.I.P. seating area. Outside of the carnival space families were gathered on the grass burning candles and eating mooncakes.

Tonight we went to a Dragon Dance festival, an annual celebration commemorating an incident 130 years ago where the sulfur from a lot of fireworks got rid of a plague. Or so we understood from the loudspeakers... A huge stick dragon with fireworks attached to it was led through the streets accompanied by a drum set. The event was packed and everyone was really excited and snapping photos constantly.

The most shocking thing for me about being in Hong Kong is all of the billboards and posters in train stations and on the street of nearly naked young girls and women with a price next to them and a number to call. I can't imagine how Chinese women must feel walking by these every day.

Our hostel is kinda groddy and we are excited for Nepal! Arriving to Kathmandu tomorrow evening...

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Ali (and Jeremy)


Anonymous said...

Hurray! You're off on your big adventure! Please write often - I miss you already.


Cindy Pincus said...

I don't know what mooncakes are but I would like to eat some. And watch sulfur destroy the plague. This sounds so amazing! I'm glad you are taking full advantage of your uncooperative knees. And that the Chinese government righted your posture in public.